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Mentorship: The Secret Sauce for Success


You know that lawyer chasing an ambulance after an accident trying to talk to the patient and his family? That was me…only I was searching for startup advice. Ok, maybe not that to that extent. I used to attend startup events whenever they would pop up online and in NYC. I’ve …

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We’re getting our first round of investment!


FYI: This post was a long time coming. We promised Tech Wildcatters we’ll wait a couple weeks for them to get the news out to the media first…here it goes: We were waiting on line with a group of about 40 other startups. Every 2 minutes we would advance a …

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We launched! Here’s what we do

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Three years ago I took my first Spanish lesson online. It wasn’t the traditional way people have been learning languages online, using things like duoLingo or Rosetta Stone. This was with a live teacher who was based out in Mexico. We met over Skype for what would eventually turn into …

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What 1 Year Running A Startup Has Felt Like


The dice were in my hands – it was my turn to roll. I had hotels on Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois Avenue, and a few houses on New York and Tennessee. I was down to my last few dollars and knew that if I landed on anyone else’s property, I’d …

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5 Reasons Why Learning To Code Has Changed My Life


“How’d the interview go?” I asked. “Feel like my head it going to explode…” Judah mentioned. “Here’s the riddle they gave me: Write a function that will display the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand on an analog clock for any given time.” My partner, Judah, was applying …

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What 6 Months Running a Startup Has Taught Me


We were on the train on the way to Fire Island. My buddy Jordan thought it may be a good idea to give my roomates a call and let them know the decision I was considering. The call went something like this: Me: “Hey Bryan – did you see my …

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