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We launched! Here’s what we do

Three years ago I took my first Spanish lesson online. It wasn’t the traditional way people have been learning languages online, using things like duoLingo or Rosetta Stone. This was with a live teacher who was based out in Mexico. We met over Skype for what would eventually turn into a 200 hour journey to learn Spanish. Little did I know, three years later we’d be running our own online learning company… only instead of just Spanish, we’d be going for it all.

What we do in a nutshell

We pair teaching professionals with users via a live 1-on-1 video conference. Users log onto our website, choose a subject and time that fits their schedule and from the comfort of their own home (or wherever they are), meet with their teacher face to face via video conferencing.

How we got here

We originally launched in January of 2015 offering just Spanish. Our goal was to figure out how easy it was to provide a platform to learn a subject via video conferencing. 6 months later we decided to duplicate everything on our website and offer Hebrew as a language as well. Our vision was always to create a platform with as many languages and subjects as possible – a virtual environment for anyone to learn something in the most effective and efficient way. I guess you can call it the Uber for education. We hit our goals and validated what we needed to by mid June of 2015, and started planning out what we now call Skill Silo (thanks Judahs dad for the name!)

Steps leading up to our launch

We spent the last 7 months day in and day out planning this launch. We decided to tackle this project by spending time on things in the following order:

The Service – We outlined exactly what our service would entail and what features we would include in our service.

The Design: We then started building mockups for the pages that would be on our website, what they would look like, and what type of content they would include.Google docs came up in the clutch for this one.

The Workflow: When a user comes to our website, what page are they most likely to enter from? When they enter from that page, where do we want them to go? This was probably the funnest part out of everything. It really got us thinking like a user, and allowed us to view other websites differently.

The Implementation: We then worked on building out every page on our website: the design(my job), and the features (Judah and Akiva).

Testing: We then did our best to tear apart our website and fix any bugs that we could. There are still a ton of bugs left, it’s a never ending battle :)

The most exciting part about this experience is that it was all built entirely by us (except for one or two features that we decided to save time with licensing). That means no templates, no paying contractors, and no pre made solutions. Building a website in and of itself is an experience of a lifetime that I highly recommend to anyone in any industry – you will learn a ton!

Courses We Offer


We are proud to offer the following courses:

ArabicChinese(Mandarin)EnglishFarsiFrenchGermanHebrewItalian,JapanesePortugueseRussian, and Spanish.

Our goal is to scale this to as many subjects as possible – not just languages (although that is our focus for now). Anywhere from computer programming, to photography, to who knows…maybe even juggling.

We Need Beta Testers!

Interested in having a look at our site? We’re looking for people to snoop around, hit a bunch of buttons and essentially try and break our site. While you’re at it – why not try a free lesson? Check us out at www.skillsilo.com.

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