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We’re getting our first round of investment!

FYI: This post was a long time coming. We promised Tech Wildcatters we’ll wait a couple weeks for them to get the news out to the media first…here it goes:

We were waiting on line with a group of about 40 other startups. Every 2 minutes we would advance a few steps, getting that much closer to the stage where we would be presenting to the crowd of over 100 investors. With each step we took, we were able to hear a little bit more of those who were presenting before us. You can sense the tension in the air with every passing second. As we approached our turn, I could only think of one thing: “If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you’ve ever wanted…would you capture it? Or just let it slip?”

We Had 48 hours To Prove Ourselves

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and would be flying back Thursday morning – Judah made the trip all the way from Guatemala. We checked in to the office and saw about 40 startups networking, handing out business cards, and trying to prove themselves, just like us. The program was split over 2 nights –the first night was designed to get to know the program and the other startups that were applying to our cohort, while the second night was designed for us to pitch on stage and tell Tech Wildcatters what we were all about.


Time to Practice Our Pitch

Me and Judah before our pitch
Me and Judah before our pitch

We had 2 minutes on stage with no slides, just our raw pitches for why we should get accepted to this program. We got to work right when we heard the news. I practiced our pitch on everyone…I mean literally everyone. I practiced in front of all my friends, I practiced in front of Judah’s parents, Tech wildcatters alumni, I even practiced on my Uber driver on the way to pick up business cards. Judah told me he heard me in the middle of the night pitching in my sleep. I’ve been told that I sleep talk…but sleep pitch? That was a first.


Pitch Time + Q&A

The time finally arrived, and I delivered our pitch (check out the video below). It was my first time on stage and the tension level was definitely high. We then moved on to a private Q&A with the program founder and a long-standing mentor. We answered all their questions and could tell they were excited at what we put together. It was only a few days later that we got the good news that we’ve been accepted and will be joining their program in March.

Where we’re at now

It’s been about 6 weeks now since the program began (they wanted us to keep the news on the down low due to a PR push they were putting together). We’ve been connecting with some incredible people and learning a ton. The network down here is amazing, and people seem to really believe in what we’re doing. We have 6 weeks left and are planning on squeezing out everything we can from the program. Stay tuned, more updates to come!


Wanna see our pitch? Go easy on me..it was my first time presenting :)

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